national affairs
by rosemary


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national affairs national affairs national affairs national affairs
"Weather, weather, weather! How did you like that late March weekend? Didn't we get all kinds?! I was in Minneapolis Friday evening to Sunday p.m. to visit Joe and Diane and to celebrate little Patrick's fifth birthday. It was a big party at DISCOVERY - an amazing place where you witness all that doting parents can get done for kids' birthdays. It was great! But Saturday overnight it showed 3 inches, then rain and slush and car trouble and hard driving home. What else? Frozen car door handles, cold north wind and more snow on Monday. Next week the Easter Bunny may have trouble too.

In other news: Vivian, John and Gloria Curran enjoyed the Fish Boil at Alma Center and visited Faye Newton who is enduring a painful shoulder and arm injured in a fall.

Leonard and Betty Simonson and John and Joyce Joten have returned from a vacation trip on Amtrak to Flagstaff, Arizona. From there they enjoyed bus tours to see the Grand Canyon and other scenic areas of the Southwest.

Finally, The Tom Sawyer Musical which was cancelled due to the weather has been rescheduled for April 6th at 2:00 p.m in the Blair-Taylor Middle School gym."