what happens when a dead depressing playwright meets the boyz? nothin' but trouble!

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the Dawg and Eddie are in their 7th year at the University of Wisconsin - Madison. Their majors are undeclared.

Irish playwright Samuel Beckett wrote 'End Game' and is dead.

the issues the issues the issues the issues the issues the issues
Samuel Beckett presents:

Waiting for da Guys

(LIGHTS UP. Eddie is paging through a TV Guide while the Dawg looks for smokes)

Eddie: Nuthin' to watch.

Dawg: Baywatch? Xena? Battlestar Galactica?

Eddie: The same shit as usual.

The Dawg: Charles in Charge?

Eddie: Charles in friggin' Charge. (a beat) What are you lookin' for?

The Dawg: Smokes.

Eddie: I smoked your last one when you were sleeping.

The Dawg: You smoked my last smoke?

Eddie: Didn't your ma buy you a carton?

The Dawg: You smoked my last smoke.

Eddie: I wish 'I Dream of Jeanie' was on.

The Dawg: Ya shouldn't smoke a guy's last smoke

Eddie: I wish we had a genie like Jeanie around.

The Dawg: Maybe I should buy more smokes.

Eddie: I bet 'I Dream of Jeanie' is on cable.

The Dawg: Maybe.

Eddie: We should order cable.

The Dawg: Maybe I should buy a carton.

Eddie: Dammit, I'm gonna call the cable company.

The Dawg: Shit, I'm gonna run down to Kwik Trip and buy more smokes.

Eddie: Yeah.

The Dawg: Yeah...

(They do not move.)