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Mara Jade looks at: "Things in my closet"
Box-o-drafting supplies, clothes, old paintings, vcr W/ tape jammed in, dark room

Principessa presents: "Things in my sandwich"
sesame-soy glazed turkey breast, pickled ginger, mild wasabi spread, thinly-sliced cucumbers

Big Dragon recalls: "Things in my web page"

Toby digests: "Things in my stomach"
roast beef, cheese, gum, toothpaste, coffee

WarzynDog glances at: "Things in my trunk"
Carpet squares, *two* coolers, sun-ripened gym clothes, cassette tapes (car has no player), cake pan

JD ponders about: "Things in my mind"
Jennifer, Leslie, Mountain Trip, Eastern Music Festival, Graduation
Greg Sander considers: "Things in my philosophy"
The search for fun, an easy life, and luck

Roberto I. thinks about: "Things in my head"
love, hate, pleasure, pain, money, sex, stress, girls, doubts, fear and of course, a lot of shit !!

promethe gets strange about: "Things in my fetish figure"
Lots of nails & iron spikes & a glass belly bead containg medicinal herbs

Wendy R. observes: "Things in my dorm room"
a blacklight, posters, dishes with dead dried things in them, and a roommate somewhere

Robert spaces off about: "Things in my notepad"
doodles... the guy sitting across from me in a meeting, the secretary, my pen, the top of my shoe

Daisy sees: "Things in my one day sort basket"
rent receipts, recipes, cat hair, T-4 slips, books,scrapes of paper with Internet addresses to visit!

Leo & Stacey look down at: "Things in my car"
Entirely too many fast food wrappers, water bottles for the car, 1/2 case of oil, unusable gas grill

Paul T. glances at: "Things in my office"
A Boss who wants to know what I'm doing on the Internet instead of working

Chris H. inspects "Things in my top desk drawer"
a Sharpie, 2 packets of Equal, stray earrings, a staple remover, a New York subway token, lint

Wendy reflects upon: "Things in my front hall"
muddy dog paw prints, shoes you can slide into, ATM receipts, white Christmas lights, a Babar poster

Hieronymous B. digests "Things in my sandwich"
turkey burger, mustard, slice of onion, sliced up salad peppers, relish, - other stuff fell out

Libby finds: "Things in my car"
gum, pictures, crayons

Chiquita discovers: "Things in my ear"
a tongue, some wax, the humm of a computer, darkness, the mindless clicking of the keyboard...

Jaime H. acknowledges: "Things in my mailbox"
Letters from my friends and my Phone bill (uh-oh)

Valirie glances at: "Things in my oven"
Crumbs,Grease, Black stuff, frying pan, mismatched lid, mixing bowl, brownie pan

Swanneleth looks at: "Things in my gray matter cells"
dust, lint, cobwebs, chocolate-covered dreams

Wally ponders on: "Things in my dreams"

Karen present: "Things in my gym bag"
deflated soccer ball, hairbands, athletic tape, scissors, holey socks

Brad glances at: "Things in my In-Box"
Programming docs, 5 Miles Davis CDs, a poem, some business cards, good words (look up: concinnity)

boredatwork ponders about: "Things in my way"
reality,age,decrepitude,poverty,bad attitude

Frank thinks about: "Things in my head"
noise, voices, people, FREUD!

Tintincita reflects on: "Things in my house"
a cat, a very happy family and a very happy computer that's always on.

JFK shows us: "Things in my change cup"
change, golf tees, dry-cleaning tags, trident wrappers, zippo flints, and a twist-tie.

jennfier crisanti discovers: "Things in my belly button"
soap, lint, lipstick, candle wax

Joe informs us about: "Things in my backpack"
pencil sharpenings, pens, half an eraser, Brookes Number(so thats where it is),Gum wrappers,Gum.

Solabina tells us about: "Things in my stomach"
One Kit Kat bar, 2 cups of coffee, a Prozac and one whole wheat bagel.

Callie sorts through: "Things on my desk"
paper, old batteries, old checks from my last address, ink pens that don't work, a staple puller

Zowie shows us: "Things in my daytimer pockets"
Superman postage stamps, photo of dog, Itch wearing Grouch Marx glasses, erotic letter from boyfriend

Holly H. thinks about: "Things in my mind"
billy c., garrett, the guitar i saw at carouso's music, my bestest friend Shannon s, TACO BELL!!!

the_phoneman glances at: "Things in my backyard"
the plants from my apartment balcony which I transplanted into the earth for permanent residence

Doug presents: "Things in my fridge"
Beer frozen into the stalagmite, 1 year old chili and 5 jars of jalepenos

Donna take a look at: "Things in my top dresser drawer"
Nylons with holes in them that I won't notice until I am late, underwire bras, condoms, one earring

Kim shares: "Things in my hand"
a mouse, and sweat

Jay informs us about: "Things in my house"
One wife currently sleeping while I am here. One little Maltese doggy named Charles the real master

Cyborg uploads: "Things in my past"
Maria, The Trumpeter, Linda, Kim, Emily, Kathy, Stacy, Psycho Girl, and Jen

Annwithe tells us about: "Things in my way"
time, money, convention, society

Donna P. informs us about: "Things in my car"
Paper tiara from New Years Eve Party, 6 month old bag of chips, 5 pairs of shoes, 3 Jillion cassettes

Rosa Lee presents: "Things in my locker"
an old shirt, molding sandwich, report card, three grammar books, a mirror, and a broken pen

Mal Adjuster mailed us about: "Things in my bathromm drawer"
shave Razor, 7 toothbrushes, floss, ear plugs, vasaline, ace bandage, band-aids, hair-net

sjmIII reflects upon: "things in my closet"
the usual stuff & much,much,more. old cameras,skimasks, many hats very old cowboy boots, baseball

Zippo tells the world about: "Things in my navel"
A bluish kind of fluffy material whose origin I am not sure of. It was not there yesterday !

Zanda gives us a peek into: "Things in my world"
purple sky, singing flowers, boats floating by on the road

Tim C drove by and commented about: "Things in my Jeep"
a hat, an old sweatshirt, some dried-up leaves, a sticky Coke stain and a Thomas guide.

Cindy C. is the proud owner of "Things in my closet"
bridesmaid dresses, 4 left shoes, 20# of laundry, a Pochahontas costume, a dog.

suzy presents: "Things in my lunchbox"
mold, old red wine vinegarette, peanutbutter & banana sandwich, NO MEAT

Josh uploads: "Things in my computer"
lots of email, the 'net, old projects, junk taking up space in my hard-drive, pictures of net loves

Tiger sings to us about: "Things in my mind"
We're just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl year after year - Pink Floyd

Kupre mailed us about: "Things in my left eye"
bubbles, just bubbles ...

D-tronic tells us about: "Things in my bedroom"
backpacker guitar, reflexology chart, gourmet tibetan incense, hackeysacks, yoga mat

Milind presents: "Things in my future"
moving from madison, grad school, NYC!

Clone informs us about: "Things in my bathtub"
soap scum, lime deposits, rust, hair, and a drain strainer to keep the hair from cloggin' the drain

Cate tell the world about: "Things in my shoe"
crayons, matchbox cars, goat "doo", melted malted chocolate easter eggs, this li'l piggy ...

Darriel Jeffree presents: "Things in my subconscious"
Ear wax, Freud, Mr. Spock, confusion

Becky introduces: "Things in my desk"
about 10 different Sharpie markers, w2 tax forms I'm putting off, visa bill (also ignoring it), a rejection letter from a place I didn't want to work at, a dumb picture of Jeff

RobM offers: "Things in my bed"
cat, laundry, crumbs, cds

Desmond tells us about: "Things in my mind"
Jackie naked doing aerobics, Dole having a heart attack, my eviction notice, becoming a Tobetian monk

Mr. Skooter informs us about: "Things in my trunk"
empty case of Old Mil I keep on forgetting to return, wet blanket, boots I haven't worn since high school, rusted saw, a big fat roll of duct tape.

Donna F. presents: "Things in my toaster"
crumbs, melted plastic cap from the milk, bunch of crazy wires, pop-tart

CyberX tells us about: "Things in my pocket"
about 35 dollars - until wednesday, 30 cents - not enough for the paper, a one hitter and some stems and seeds, a wallet, Leah's hand

Alan S. presents: "Things in my refrigerator"
sweet n sour sauce, Tabasco sauce and soy sauce.

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