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the brightest shareware

Very hip cd player that uses the Internet to get the CD title, artist, and all the track names for each CD you play on your computer.

Play a killer game of Asteriods with 30-40 pals via the 'Net.

KISS Theme for Plus!
Rock your desktop.

Moraff's Morejongg
C'mon, work avoidance is good. Download now for hours of fun.

X-Files Desktop Theme
The Truth is on your Desktop. (Plus is required)

Bill Reid's Blurb for Windows95
Blurb is best described as a digital fortune cookie. You can also personalize the blurbs and the splash screen.

Someone's Coming!
For all you slackers playing Solitaire at work, you need Someone's Coming! Just click on an icon in the System Tray and fake data pops up on the screen.

As if Doom needs any description.

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