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Web Media Publisher
Not only do we recommend this web authoring tool, but we also use it to create CyberMad. Being able to create buttons for your most frequently used HTML tags is our favorite feature. A super program.

John Junod has developed the best FTP client available .

Deming Preview for Microsoft Exchange
Adds a very cool preview window to Microsoft Exchange, as well as providing hypertext links for URL's within the mail.

Microsoft Internet Explorer
(Honorable Mention: Win95 & DUN)
This was the year that MS made the Internet accessible and easy with Win95 and Internet Explorer. Configuration is a snap and the browser is solid. We're looking forward to what's next in 97.

HTML Reference Library
A handy tool that any web designer can't do without.

One of our favorite programs! Check your local weather by double clicking on an icon in the System Tray.

WinPopup for the Net! A snappy winsock utility for sending notes over the Internet in real-time.

Free Agent
(Honorable Mention)
Well, this is a strange one. There's only a 16-bit freeware version of Forté's popular slick newsreader. A 32-bit version, Agent 99, is available for purchase, but it is not shareware (check the Forté web site for details). Basically if you like the 16-bit freeware version, you'll fall in love with Agent. Contains spell-checking, integration with Win95 Internet connectivity, signatures and more. The best and easiest newsreader available.

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