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alan smithee

Alan Smithee

oh yes

"No. This has nothing to do with the growth of bacteria or yogurt. Dannon or Yoplait will not be discussed in this forum. Perhaps, on occasion, the subject of cheese may arise. For example: "One of those nutty Cheese-hats saved some guy's life." Umm, no, we won't discuss that either. Let's leave those stories to the Wisconsin State Journal.

I'm sure you're asking, "what is your point?" Exactly, so are we. It could be our mantra. After cruising the Madison web pages, we began to wonder about the point of it all. Where was the voice of this eclectic community? Online Madison is like TV with just commercials. Time for some content, we decided, and that's how CyberMad was created.

the culture dept. has one mission - to be the online voice of Madison. This voice can be what you want it to be --- irrelevant, political or possibly poignant. Submit your comments, reviews or work. (But we will not accept any poems that contain the themes "the smoke of grampa's pipe" or "1001 reasons why I wanna die like Sylvia Plath") You, our fearless reader, will shape this department of CyberMad. Break it. Kick it. Call it whatever you want. As long as you email us, we're open for business. -A.S.