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alan smithee

Alan Smithee

An Introduction

Capitol Idea

"Like the Doobie Brothers, we're takin' it to the street. CyberMad was official launched on March 25th, 1996. At first, it was just an enhanced home page by Christopher Parr, designed to feature his work, photography and local events and artists. Someplace, somehow, it exploded into the 1000 foot tall (and growing) site. In a little over a month, it has become an award-winning eclectic oasis on the Information Highway. The visitors come from Germany to California. We receive site and artists submissions from all corners of the earth. The feedback made us realize that we needed to expand our vision to fit our audience. So buckle your seatbelt as we send CyberMadness around the world.

In the '70's, I remember my older brother telling me that the Doobie Brothers weren't really brothers. In addition, he informed me, the name 'Doobie' meant something cool and alternative from the mainstream (like Cheech and Chong - and I didn't understand them either at the age of 9). The Culture Department has similar aspirations. We're not traditional or corporate, we also strive to be cool and an alternative from the mainstream.

We we're voted as the Commercial CyberSite of the Week -- yet we don't know exactly what we're selling. Hell, we don't even make a dime off this site. So why are we producing CyberMad and the Culture Department? Simply, it's fun. Also, the amount of email and the huge numbers of hits (not doobies), makes us realize that you agree. As long as you email us, we're open for business." -A.S.