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2 Crop Circles Sightings

Call Fox and Mulder. The CyberMad News Team has discovered some very shocking and strange news. One world, two bands called Crop Circles. How very odd. The truth is out there.

Crop Circles (from Birmingham, AL)

(in their own words:) Crop Circles are not a hoax made with string and 2x4s. They're a folk metal band. They don't know who they sound like, because they don't like other bands.

Crop Circles (from Seattle, WA)

(in their own words:) Seattles Original GRANGE Rock Band!! The Circles are Earl Brooks' latest venture, and they're his best yet. Sharing vocals with the wonderful Carolyn Wennblom, the pair bring to mind Tammy and George, Dolly and Porter, even Gram and Emmylou.

Netard of the Month

Joe McCallum

(Congrats Joe! You need to get away from your computer and meet a friend. A real friend. Like a real person that talks back. No, your GI Joe Action Figure doesn't count....)

From: Joe McCallum -
Subject: Scooby Doo pic
Date: Wed, 14 Aug 1996 01:24:59 -0700

Heya, can someone email a pic of Scooby Doo doing Daphne up the ass? I saw this pic once but I can't find it again, thanks.