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The First Lady has had about three hundred and twenty different hairstyles since her husband was elected to the Presidency in 1992 -- with HillaryVision you can see over forty of them in glorious server-push animations (Netscape only) !

Or visit The Salon - You've seen what other stylists have done for the First Lady's locks, here's your chance to try your hand at it!

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Gateway 2000, Inc.

Alan Clegg, inc.
Phone: 919-387-6360
Fax: 919-387-6351

Press Release, inc. targeted in lawsuit by Gateway 2000, Inc.

Raleigh, North Carolina, January 13, 1997: Gateway 2000, Inc., the mammoth South Dakota based personal computer manufacturer, has filed suit in North Carolina Federal Court against, inc., claiming that by owning the domain name ',' the small North Carolina consulting firm has caused them irreparable damage.

After being a network presence for over six years,, inc. is being sued by Gateway 2000, Inc. on multiple charges, including trademark infringement, dilution of trademark, and predatory business practices. In the suit, Gateway 2000, Inc. is claiming that, inc. has caused them over $250,000 in damages.

The word 'gateway' is a widely used networking term representing a device allowing passage from one network to another. "For about three months, there was a hot link to the Gateway 2000, Inc. home page, but that link was removed in February 1995, after I was threatened with a lawsuit for the first time" says Alan Clegg, president and sole employee of, inc. "I figured that if I was going to give them the free link, the least they could do was be nice about it."

Unfortunately, there have been recent cases of the registration of domain names for the sole purpose of resale. Unlike these cases of 'cyber-squatting,' the domain name '' was registered in August of 1990, far preceeding the current interest in the Internet and the World Wide Web, and has been in continuous use since then.

Gateway 2000, Inc. registered their first domain name '' in February of 1994, and followed with the registration of: (September 1994), (January 1996), (January 1996), (March 1996), (March 1996), (March 1996), (March 1996), and (November 1996).