Scientific Question: Did Students Evolved from Bacteria?

Example A: Nerdius Studenta
These "goofy-looking" specimens are apt to keep to themselves, occupying their time by reading, watching Star Trek (Next Generation, of course) and being extremely terrified of females.Their dark side: 'flaming' other nerds on Newsgroups.
Example B: Deadium Headium
This unkempt slacker specimen sleeps to 11, misses classes, watches Bob Barker while smokin' a few and chowing down on cold pizza. Their lame side: still plays hackysack in the park.

Example C: Unus Fraterneux
These athletic specimens tend to be similar in thought, dress and manner and they move in packs - usually playing 'hoops' or havin' a kegger. Their downfall: when inebriated, will fornicate with 'anything'.

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