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alan smithee

Alan Smithee
(Alan once ate a box of Lucky Charms in one sitting without a spoon, bowl or milk)
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"Another corporate site got the ax this week. g'nightTurner Entertainment pulled the plug on sassy SPIV. After only 8 months, the zine is closing up shop.

Man, existence on the net is brief and surreal. I imagine the Turner suits brainstorming SPIV 9 months ago… "Something swank." "Something the kids will dig." "Something that'll sell." Quickly, they stormed down to Atlanta coffee shops and skatepunk stores and wrestled themselves up some hip young slacker blood. SPIV was swank. The kids dug it. But did it sell? I also imagine the suits looking at the SPIV profit margin a few months later. The site was fun and cool, but, unfortunately, they didn't have a sponsored-drenched HOTWIRED on their hands.

Remember Microsoft's brief A&E site MATTER? That lasted what—a week? Their new venture SLATE will last a year. Tops. They've already invested too much hype to abandon that bloated on-line boat so quickly.

dollar and sense I consider the benefits if CyberMad was financed by a monster corporation. Perhaps we could quit our jobs at McDonalds' and have more time to focus on the site. Content could be updated daily, instead of "whenever the hell we get around to it." Would we loose our identity and be quickly dumped cuz we're not turning a buck? Or would CyberMad become Marlon-freekin'-Brando huge?

At the NetBest Awards in Boston last week, CyberMad beat out fellow nominees and heavy hitters such as the Dominion and Mr. Showbiz to be selected as 'Best in Entertainment' and the Grand Prize Winner. (We're still doing a double-take). Everyone involved with CyberMad would like to extend a major thanks to our 30,000 daily visitors. And another quick thanks to our friends at Cyber-Solutions. Not bad for a total investment of $275 bucks, 100 sleepless nights and 20 pounds of coffee.

See ya, SPIV. Everyone else, see ya next month. And the month after that. Like it or not, we ain't budgin'. " -A.S.