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Alan Smithee
An Introduction

Capitol Idea

Takin' it to the Streets

"4 days without being cyber. No computers. No email. No Internet. Is life less complete without an electronic pulse? Not in the least.

For the Memorial Day weekend, I found myself in a small unplugged community. I wasn't wired, but I still heard the Netscape VS IExplorer debate come up at a picnic. As the browser war waged on, I edged away and found myself another brat. I wasn't trying to snob anyone, I just wanted to get away from the same old crap I hear every day. This is my vacation, dammit! No discussions, debates or instructions about how the Web works, pornography on line or if Microsoft is good or evil. These dull questions make for a dull existence.

The Internet is a tool, an "add-on" to life, not the other way around.The PR folks and software companies have done a good job, though, of making us think just the opposite. Every TV commercial includes a Flip through a magazine, URL's are everywhere! Ask yourself, what are we finding at these sites? How do they enrich your life? Four days without all the hype, it was heaven." -A.S.